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DIALOGUE WITH A  GIAXT                                ISO

Here we are then, sitting in a quiet room looking out on to a
garden, discussing oue of the most important problems in the
world, with the man most competent to solve it.

&KLF The most common accusation of your critics is that you
have not defined Pakistan with sufficient precision—that there
are maixy details of defen.ce, economics, minorities, etc., which you
have left deliberately vague. Do you think that is a just criticism ?
JIXXAH It is euither just nor intelligent, particularly if it is made
by an Englishman with any knowledge of his own history. When
Ireland was separated from Britain, the document embodying the
terms of separation was approximately ten lines. Ten, hues of print
to settle a dispute of incredible complexity which has poisoned
British politics for centuries ! All the details were left to the
Future—and the Future is often, an, admirable arbitrator. Well,
I've already given the world a good deal more than ten lines to
indicate the principles and practice of Pakistan, but it is beyond
the power of any man to provide, in advance, a blue-print in
which every detail is settled. Besides, Indian history proves that
such a blue-print is totally unnecessary. Where was the blue-print
when the question of Burmah's separation was decided at the
Round Table Conference ? Where was the blue-print when Sind
was separated from Bombay ? The answer, of course., is * no where/
It didn't exist. It didn't need to exist. The vital point was that
the principle of separation was accepted; the rest followed
SELF How would you describe the 'vital principles * of Pakistan?
JINNAH In five words. The Muslims are a Xation. If you grant
that, and if you are an honest man, you must grant the principle
of Pakistan. You would have to grant it even if the obstacles were
a hundred times more formidable than they actually are. Of
course, if you do not grant it, then,.. .He shrugged his shoulders
_and smiled.. .Then, there is an, end of the matter.
SELF When you say the Muslims are a Nation, are you thinking
in terms of religion ?